Local Knowledge

Maida Vale StationLocal Ward Councillors
Local councillors are there to assist residents with issues they may have in relation to services provided by the council. This could be anything from a problem with housing, benefits, school admissions, noise complaints or a concern about a planning application (just as examples). Obviously it is encouraged to contact the relevant department at the council first to try to resolve things, but sometimes when this fails, local councillors can help.

Many of the local councillors hold regular drop in surgeries where residents are able to go and speak to them directly.

For Maida Vale, the three councillors are Alastair Moss, Jan Prendergast and Lee Rowley. They hold a surgery on the first Saturday of each month (in the Pavilion at Pad Rec from 10-11am) as well as the middle Tuesday of each month (at the Maida Centre on Lanark Road from 7-8pm).

For those of you in neighbouring wards, you can find out who your councillor is, their surgery dates, and contact information, by following the preceding link and typing in your postcode.

Maida Vale Area Forum
Area Forums take place three times per year, with specific forums covering the Maida Vale area taking place in March, June and November. Forums are open to all residents in the area, and are attended by a range of Council staff from key department areas (such as housing, noise, planning etc) as well as local ward councillors. They give people an opportunity to talk directly to staff about specific issues, as well as feeding into any consultations. A couple of key topics are usually on the agenda (in the past there have been things such as the impact of High Speed 2, the closure of the Harrow Road One Stop Shop and discussions and planned actions against escalating Youth violence). The agenda for the meeting is set about a month in advance.

photo credit: steve_w via photopin cc